Details for 9th forum

Date: 27-28 July 2021 (Schedule)

Venue: Hong Kong (The University of Hong Kong or Online conference)

Topic: Dynamics of library and knowledge exchange in the digital age

Host: Hong Kong Teacher-Librarians’ Association, World Federation of the Chinese School Libraries (WFCSL)

Organizers: Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Education City, Fung Kai No.1 Primary School

Supporting Organizations: Education Bureau, the HKSARG, the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation, the Middle/Elementary School Committee of Jiangsu Librarian Association, Taiwan Teacher-Librarians’ Association, Hong Kong Teacher-Librarians’ Association, Macao Library & Information Management Association, Reading Dreams Foundation Limited, Multi Edu-Cultural Exchange Organisation and Ningbo Reading Association, Banshufang, United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong)

Sponsoring Organizations: the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation (application approved)

Number of participants: about 200 on site participants, about 300-500 online participants

Target audience: Welcome to those who concern about the development of Chinese school libraries


Registration fee: (Click here for online registration, deadline: 16 July)

  1. Attend the conference in person: HKD 1,000 (including printed and electronic proceedings, lunch on 27 & 28 July, refreshment, the gala dinner on 28 July and transportation cost for visits to libraries, certificate of participation, souvenirs and receipt). Participants from other places shall pay for their transportation and accommodation in Hong Kong; (Please note that On-site Lectures are cancelled, all lectures will be conducted online.)
  1. Online participation: HKD 300 (including online participation in conferences, electronic proceedings, e-certificate for participation and e-receipt)
  2. Purchasing Electronic Proceedings: HKD 200 for individuals and HKD 500 for Institutions (including electronic proceedings and e-receipt, copyright restricted for personal study or circulation within particular institution only, according to the category of purchase.)
  3. Funding application: Preparation for application is in process. Details will be announced later.


Participants register for our Forum or pay for the Electronic Proceedings according to their respective regions:

  1. Hong Kong: Please register through our online registration form.
  2. Mainland China: All member organisations access the forum information, call for papers and invite participants through the website of the Forum. You could use online registration form and paper submission form on our website.
  3. Taiwan: Taiwan Teacher-Librarians’ Association responsible for promotion and registration, you could use online registration form and paper submission form on our website too.
  4. Malaysia: Resource & Information Department, United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) responsible for registration and call for papers.
  5. Other regions: Via online registration form on our website.


Pre-forum Activities:

Meeting with the representatives of the WFCSL


Post-forum Activities:

Free visit to Hong Kong attractions (details to be posted on the website)

Review meeting with the representatives of the WFCSL


Call for papers

Please prepare paper(s) in accordance with the themes and subtopics of the Forum for e-submission.

Theme: Library dynamics and knowledge exchange in the digital age


  1. Unite the library field (professional cooperation, information dynamics and curriculum)
  1. Challenges and breakthroughs in reading promotion in the epidemic era (new trends for facilitating reading promotion)
  2. Curriculum resource facilitator (cross-field collaboration culture: individual, groups, organizations, society)
  3. Update the roles in Digital Age (libraries/reading promoters break through traditional roles, including technological changes and diversified services)
  4. The era of electronic reading (digital libraries, information literacy education in the 21st century & freedom of access to information and selection)
  5. Educational equality and reading (reading education in rural areas or reading promotion activities by public welfare organizations, etc.)
  6. Inquiry learning and reading (reading-based inquiry learning)
  7. Stepping into reading (reading literacy)
  8. Library management (policies, human resources, resources)
  9. Library education is a turning point in promoting education reform (get out of bottlenecks of education reform through library education)


E-submission of paper

The electronic text manuscript of the paper: MS Word format. When submitting the manuscript, please meet the requirements of the sample format (please click this link or check it on the Forum webpage). Your paper will not be processed if the format is not matched.

Submission of your paper: please send it to the professional academic organization in your region

 Region  E-mail Organization
China or representatives of other organisations Banshufang
Taiwan Taiwan Teacher-Librarians’ Association
Macau Macao Library & Information Management Association
Malaysia Resource & Information Department, United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong)
Contact person:Lim GeokKian
Hong Kong

& other areas

  Hong Kong Teacher-Librarians’ Association

The Secretariat of the WFCSL may invite our representative professional academic organizations for preliminary review, before the paper sent to the Secretariat. Email address:

Submission deadline:

Deadline for individual submission of abstract 25 April 2021 (Paper/Abstract Submission)

Notification of abstract review results 10 May 2021

Deadline for individuals and groups to submit complete papers and presentations on 10 June 2021

Notification of the review results of complete papers and presentations on 30 June 2021


Paper submission method and format

(1) The following documents must be submitted: (link to download the format file)
1. Electronic manuscript of the paper: It must be written in MS Word, not exceeding 5,000 words. Please be
sure to follow the requirements of the sample format when submitting the paper. Manuscripts that do not
conform to the format will not be reviewed. (For details, please refer to the paper submission format
2. Presentation power point file (ppt): if it is approved, it will be used for presentation.
The above MS WORD files and ppt files must be submitted to the forum for composing and printing.

(2) Paper submission format:
1. Abstract
This article will explain the finalized layout format of the World Chinese School Library Forum. Papers
that have been reviewed and accepted by this forum, please be sure to follow this format. If the typesetting
is not carried out in accordance with the regulations, it will not be included in the review. Please attach
an abstract and keywords to the Chinese manuscript. The total number of words should not exceed 5,000.

2. Keywords: No more than six keywords.

3. Content:
3.1. Foreword
Use 標楷體for Chinese/Arial for English font type. The title of the paper is in bold type font size 16.
The author data and sub-titles are also in bold type font size 12.

3.2. The main content
Use bold font for the first level title font size 12. Use bold font for the second level title font
size 11. Please use bold font size 10 for the description of the chart. The rest of the content and
references are in font size 10.

3.2.1 Paper specification
Articles should be written in A4 paper. Use single line spacing.

3.2.2 Margins
2.5cm all round. Please do not insert page numbers in the final draft.

3.2.3 Reference format
Please use the APA format for reference format. List various reference literatures such as
journals, magazines, news articles, abstract materials, books, manuals, research reports,
symposium papers, dissertation, etc. If you have any questions about the format, please verify
the format. The following online information is for your reference:

4. Reference
Author (year). Book title (version). Place of publication: Publisher.

Author (Chief Editor) (Year). Title (Edition X, Book X). Place of publication: Publisher.

Author (year). The title of the article. Journal title, issue, page.

Author (year and month). The title of the paper. Seminar host (host), seminar subject. The title and
location of the seminar.

Author (year). The title of the paper. xx University xx master or doctoral dissertation of research
institute, unpublished, university location.

Reporter or author (year, month, day). The title of the article. The title and edition of the newspaper.

Author’s Chinese translated name (year of translation publication). Title (version) (translator translated).
Place of publication: Publisher. (Original publication year: XXXX).